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10-10-2019 grand opening

Dear friends, We are delighted to inform you about the opening of, your first choice in coin mining. The launch took place on 10.10.2019 and our first clients have already received their payouts.

Currently, the website is undergoing an open beta testing (version 1.0), therefore not all the features available may work as intended. We are constantly updating the platform and, from now, on you will be able to track all the latest updates in this section.


About us:


Intelion was founded in 2017. Our initial business goal was to purchase and distribute standalone mining equipment. In two years we gained a tremendous experience at every step, from purchasing and delivering to hosting, installing and maintaining the equipment. We realized that we can provide hosting services not only to Russian citizens, but to any citizens worldwide. That’s how the idea about opening this very platform was born, a platform accessible yet simple for anyone interested. In 2019 we own over 6.000 equipment units, data centers in several cities and well-established infrastructure.


Our service is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. The core idea is simple – you purchase real miners installed in our data centers. Then, you start receiving daily payouts in cryptocurrency which can be withdrawn at any moment. Our product range includes the latest equipment models.


Our faith in cryptocurrency knows no limits. We hope that the platform we’ve built will help you become familiar with the world of cryptocurrency mining.


Intelion is a Russian market leader that operates in the field of sales and hosting of mining equipment and we are looking forward to working with you.


Your feedback will be highly appreciated, contact us via email:

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