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Intelion at Blockchain life 2019
Intelion team went to one of the largest events in the crypto world. Blockchain life 2019 gathered more than 6,000 participants from more than 70 countries.
At the event, Intelion announced the launch of the brand new project - Intelion Cloud Mining Service. 

The company representatives explained why cloud service with them is particularly different. Intelion corp uses the same tech mechanisms of converting the computing power into th/s'. Still, Inteloin has something that others don't: absolute transparency and the insurance strategy for all their clients. 

The company's official Aleksandr Shashkov once again invited everyone to visit Intelion's data center in the city of Tula. Any person, not to mention the company's customers, can come to the data center and see for themselves how ASIC's work. Aleksandr and his brother Nikolay who is also Intelion's official repeatedly declared the company's motto: The number of contracts sold exactly matches the number of equipment hosted. 

As for the customer insurance program, this news had a tremendous effect on all participants at Blockchain life 2019. Intelion is the very first company that managed to make such an agreement with an insurance company.
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